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Meiki's objective is to manufacture molded plastic products that requires a high quality cosmetic finishing, such as the consumers electronics market, with one of the most competitive prices in the field.

The wide range of products we offer range from high gloss finished based on heat and heat injection method to the finished non cosmetic. From small parts to large parts like 75 "and 82" televisions.

Injection products in high gloss finished based on Heat and Heat

Today's market demands a full gloss finished for electronic products.

Being Meiki one of the main molders using this technology, we offer to our customers a product that gives a high gloss finished with a range of different colors, including the Black Piano finished

Some of our models are designed with a high gloss finished and a very smooth surface for which the elimination of flow marks and weld lines are achieved by molding at high temperature (Heat and Heat).

Other Products:

Other Products



Machine No. Serial Clamping Force
No. 1 728410 650t
No. 2 604803 1300t
No. 3 3M1624001 1600t
No. 4 3M1624055 1600t
No. 5 S22R136 CONT 9000G2 220t
No. 6 952305 450t
No. 7 737211 450t
No. 8 736811 450t
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